Are Ziggler and Swagger your new Tag Team Champions?

Update — It appears the match ended in a dusty finish, with Kofi and Truth regaining their titles in an almost immediate restart.

Stop the presses! It looks like the Tag Titles have changed hands, once again happening off air at a house show!

Though there is no official confirmation from, former US Champion Jack Swagger posted on his Twitter account a confirmation that he and supposedly former Tag Team partner Dolph Ziggler had just won the tag team titles.

Followed shortly by this picture materializing on Tumblr.

Please bear in mind, this still could be a dusty finish, or a title change completely ignored (house shows aren’t typically treated as in continuity), but Swagger’s tweet does off a level of legitimacy to the story.

Kofi Kingston and R Truth were the previous holders of the WWE Tag Team Championship, but R Truth has been out with a foot injury since early June. Kofi has still appeared in matches, and even defended a few times (with Zack Ryder providing an impromptu replacement for R Truth). 

Furthermore, the team of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger is, from a storyline perspective, done with as Ziggler recently won the right to keep Vickie Guerrero’s services and become a singles competitor, and immediately got a title shot against Sheamus at last month’s No Way Out Pay-Per-View after Alberto Del Rio was sidelined with a concussion. This is a common position for Ziggler; he’s ready to break the glass ceiling, but keeps getting held back to be thrown in the place of someone else who has fallen behind. Has R Truth’s injury further stalled Ziggler’s rise to the top?

The last time the titles changed hands off air was January 15, 2012, when Epico and Primo defeated Air Boom to capture the titles. The off air rush job in this instance was to cover for Evan Bourne’s upcoming 60 day suspension for a Talent Wellness Program failure.

We’ll find out for sure soon enough is the title change is good or not; the titles were set to be defended against Hunico and Camacho at tomorrow night’s Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View. It’s worth noting that despite having the match (a pre-show airing free on YouTube and, Hunico and Camacho technically aren’t the Number One Contenders for the Tag Championship; the Prime Time Players, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil won that right a few weeks ago on Smackdown.

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