Criminal charges being filed against Ultimate Warrior?

Update — After a brief investigation, no criminal charges are being filed against Warrior. The matter is now considered a civil case. 

Original story follows:

The Ultimate Warrior (real name Warrior, born James Hellwig) appears to be in $28,000 worth of legal trouble.

TMZ reports that sports memorabilia dealer Christopher Elias has filed a fraud report with the Santa Fe County Sherriff’s Department in a bid to bring charges against the legendary wrestler after he failed to provide Elias with merchandise he had paid for. In all, Elias was to be receiving ring worn trunks, autographed championship belts and vintage Wrestlemania posters, but the Warrior allegedly never sent the merchandise after receiving his money.

Newer wrestling fans have likely not heard much of Ultimate Warrior outside of the infamous Spoony reviews of his comics. He’s perhaps best known for his highly energetic and physical in ring style, as well as his antics outside of the ring, including legally changing his name to preserve his trademarked ring name and his various rants and raves against other wrestlers.  Despite a storied career with the WWE, the two entities have remained on tense terms since Warrior left the company in 1996. 

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