David Slade drops out of ‘Daredevil’!

It’s being reported that Fox is in the process of finding a new director for it’s upcoming Daredevil reboot after the 30 Days of Night director dropped out of the project.

We’ve featured extensive coverage of the reboot, the first work on a new film utilizing the property since 2003’s Daredevil film failed to set the box office on fire (for the record, I don’t think the film is that bad). Slade, along with Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane, were spearheading the project with a total reboot of the franchise and a script based on Born Again, the legendary Frank Miller penned epic which redefined Daredevil for years to come. However Slade is unable to work the project with his duties on the upcoming Hannibal television series.

Fox is actively searching for a new director, however don’t appear to be placing too much priority on it. It’s worth noting this could be Fox’s last chance with the property; if a film isn’t in production by Fall, the rights revert back to Disney/Marvel.

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