On The Cover: ‘Untold Tales of Punisher MAX’ #3

Cover by Esad Ribic
Cover by Esad Ribic


I honestly didn’t even realize this series existed, despite having hit in late June. Evidently it’s a 5 issue mini-series, allowing various writers to revisit the grim and gritty adult oriented Punisher MAX universe.

I was a huge fan of Punisher MAX’s initial run, and thought it was a refreshing take on the character. This series looks like it might uphold the tradition. While I try to track down some back issues to read, why don’t you guys just take a look at what may be the COOLEST PUNISHER COVER EVER. Just look at that attitude. That slouch. That face. That big, angry boot. Esad Ribic has nailed Frank Castle for his interpretation.

“Untold Tales of Punisher MAX” #3 (of 5), with writing by crime novelist Megan Abbot (Queenpin) hits stands August 22nd.

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  1. i love his expression here

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