‘TMNT Micro-Series’ #6 is a hockey stick to the face worth of awesome

Writers Mike Costa & Ben Epstein

Art Mike Henderson

Colors Ian Herring

I’ll be completely frank with you, this is the first issue of the on-going Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series that I’ve read.

You’d think I’d be all over the TMNT. I am 27, after all, but I’ve never been big into the comics. It’s the difference in tone, largely. I grew up with the goofy ’80s Turtles, so the darker comics variety tends to throw me off.

But boy, have I been missing out. The on-going series offers an intimate, quiet look at major players in the series outside of the grand scale team dynamic of the main series. For this month’s #6, we take a look at Casey Jones.

Casey was always one of the coolest characters on the cartoon and in the movie and his comic book iteration, while it skews younger and more aloof, is just as interesting. The issue provides a look at his life and origins, examining where Casey came from and what motivates him. It’s a wonderful look at a secondary character in the series, with writers Mike Costa and Ben Epstein crafting a poignant and heartfelt tale, aided by the clean art of Mike Henderson and gorgeous colors by Ian Herring.

It’s not often to find a spin off of a popular action series that keeps so quiet, but the micro-series does just that. With it’s intimate look at popular characters and contained story arcs, this is a great intro for fans old and new of the TMNT.

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