Bit of a surprise here, Abraham “A.W.” Washington, manager of the Prime Time Players, was released from his WWE contract today, stemming from a comment made on air.

We reported it last week, A.W. created a ton of backstage heat during Raw when he made an allusion to Kobe Bryant’s rape case during a match, prompting the WWE to immediately apologize. Washington took to Twitter and claimed to be in the heat of the moment, and reportedly apologized to backstage officials, however it doesn’t appear to be enough.

The release could be related to an ESPN Around The Horn broadcast, where Miami Herald columnist Israel Gutierrez criticized the WWE for the moment.

A.W., born Brian Jossie, is obviously not happy about the release, and has been fuming on Twitter about the incident, claiming the WWE has forgotten him. 

It’s unclear where Jossie will go from here. He could easily make his way in to TNA, but it’s worth noting that the WWE has a history of rehiring talent released for controversial reasons once things have cooled down.

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