Who is the new CAPTAIN AMERICA?

So two months ago, Captain America got robbed of the Super Soldier serum in his blood for like the 4th time this decade, but this time it’s being treated as permanent because comics. On Friday, Marvel rang in Independence Day with the tease of a new bearer of the Captain America mantle to be revealed on Monday.



Who will be Marvel comics’ NEW #CaptainAmerica? Learn more this Monday on Marvel.com! #4thOfJuly — Source

The current fan favorite is Sam Wilson/The Falcon, Cap’s long time sidekick who just got a big popularity boost after appearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier earlier in the year. Plus there’s a character who looks a lot like Falcon holding a shield on the cover of Avengers #35, which is set eight months in the future.


It feels a bit too obvious and simple to me. The biggest issue is that they established post Civil War there’s only a handful of people who can use Cap’s shield effectively (or at least without losing limbs). Falcon’s as good a guess as any, but don’t be too surprised if it’s revealed to be a red herring.

This isn’t the first time Steve has been replaced as Cap. After the Civil War event, he was believed to have been killed and his former sidekick, Bucky, took over the role for just over a year before Steve returned. There was also a storyline in  the 80s where he retired from the role rather than become a government pawn, and was replaced by Johnny Walker. Rogers operated as The Captain for a stretch before fighting for and winning back the Captain America costume. Johnny Walker donned Steve’s Captain uniform and became US Agent.

We’ll have all the info and how it plays into the Cap mythos on Monday.

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