‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III’ (1993) | TMNT Week!

We weren’t expecting The Addams Family, but we were hoping for a better movie than this!

As with many things in my life, this one begins with a huge apology. There was supposed to be a video element to this originally, featuring film clips with the commentary overlaid much like SUPER SENTAI SINGLE SHOTS, and I thought I had that down, but the audio and video tracks will not sync properly on any of the films. I’ve tried and researched everything I can, and can’t peg it.

Now, it’s likely a timing issue. Mike and I recorded these back in March (aside from Thursday’s track) and used different video files to record the commentaries. It’s likely that these files are the issue, as I’m trying to sync a variety of different items from different medium and make them all work. I’m going to keep hammering away at them, and if I can get them to work I’ll put them up, but as it is they look terrible and I won’t publish something that looks that bad.

We’re hoping to have something really special for you Friday: Mike & I playing TMNT ’89. However, my Hauppauge is dead because I have the worst luck ever. We’re working on a solution. Until then, if you’d like to help me with getting that fixed/replaced and also help events like TMNT week become more regular, please consider supporting the show at Patreon. Any help is great appreciated, but is not required; we will never make you pay to see Room Full of Nerd Stuff related content.

Until then, enjoy the commentary track. Just start it up when the Paramount logo shows at the beginning. And be back here Friday for an all new ROOM FULL OF NERD STUFF!

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