‘Warcraft’ trailer has one glaring problem

I LOVED the Warcraft games growing up, and while I never really got in to World of Warcraft I’ve always hoped for a Warcraft IV proper.

We’re getting a Warcraft movie instead, which seems to focus on the Orcs and their inability to evolve beyond warmongers as the humans fear them. There’s a possibility for a real story here. Look at those Orcs! They’re all CG and brutish and monsterous and look great.

And there’s a sexy orc.


It is the most blink and you’ll miss it thing I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even register it. It cuts from her talking right back to other stuff. I think to msyelf, no, I just missed it. Clearly that was just a really well done CG orc.

And then there she is again. A character clearly meant to be taken seriously as one of the monsterously giant, CGI Orcish horde that is clearly a very tiny woman in body paint and prosthetics.


As best I can tell, that’s the subtly named Garona Halforcen, who is…wait for it…half Orc, half draenei as portrayed by Mission: Impossible’s Paula Patton, an actress who is way better than this. She’s proudly portrayed here standing in a cage giving dialogue, and not participating in anything outside of being an exposition machine.

One can only wonder if her draenei roots will be touched upon in the movie, or if she really will just be “the sexy orc”.


The rest of the movie looks admittedly pretty cheap in this brief glimpse, but it might be fun. Warcraft opens June 2016.


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