An Avenger in every state?!

Teaser/Cover Art for 'U.S.Avengers' #1
Teaser/Cover Art for ‘U.S.Avengers’ #1

A few years ago, DC did a pretty silly gimmick where they hyped Justice League of America #1 having 50 variant covers. In actuality, it had a stock cover with the team holding up the US Flag, and on the variants the flag was just replaced with a different state flag. It was kind of a stupid cash grab.

Marvel’s attempting it, but they might be doing it one better by at least having different art on each cover. U.S.Avengers #1, solicited way back in July of this year, just posted 8 variant covers featuring both Captain Americas, The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Luke Cage, Spectrum, Iron Man and Beast. Each Avenger is apparently assigned their own state. Storywise, this is a result of Civil War II fallout, wherein Roberto De Costa’s A.I.M. (presently featured in New Avengers) becomes “American Intelligence Mechanics” and spearheads the U.S.Avengers on behalf of the government. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the original Civil War ended with the creation of “The Initiative”, which proposed to put a super team in every state.

Written by Al Ewing (New AvengersThe Ultimates) and illustrated by Paco Medina (New AvengersContest of Champions), U.S.Avengers #1 is currently set to hit stands January 4th 2017. Thanks to it’s recent delay and the extension of an extra issue, that’s  just a week after Civil War II’s conclusion. The previous announcement included several characters to join the team, including a new Iron Patriot, a re-powered Red Hulk and Luke Cage’s daughter grown up and donning a Captain America suit. However, only 8 states have been officially announced with their representative Avenger, with 42 left to go. The covers appear to have a flag motif, and it looks like they may interlock to form a giant US Flag mural when completed. Any speculation on which state gets which Avenger?


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