Love is in the air in ‘Joyride’ #5 [Preview]

I recently talked about how much I loved Boom’s Joyride, which is now thankfully an on-going. The continuing adventures of the misfit band of space wanderers continues this week on a planet that begins to give everyone feelings of…love? Lust?

I thought the first volume (which is coincidentally available everywhere Wednesday also!) was a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air in an era where stories set in space have to be huge, epic space operas. That’s cool, but sometimes you just want to have fun. Joyride has fit that bill in spades, and I’m so glad that this is now going to be a monthly jaunt. Start today while it’s still just a handful of issues. This one has potential to be a sleeper hit.

The official solicit and preview pages from Boom! follows.

Joyride #5
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To
Cover Artist: Marcus To
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: Now an ongoing series! After the chaotic series of events in volume 1, the team goes to an unexplored planet to relax. It’s a gas giant with large floating continents that also happen to be alive but unbeknownst to the team, the planet also has a chemical compound in the air that begins to affect them. How so? Well, love is in the air.

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