Boom! fixes everything with Miller ROBOCOP Omnibus

I love Robocop. The first movie is, for my money, the perfect action film: great action, great cast, amazing special effects and, most importantly, it doesn’t overstay its welcome. The rest of the franchise may not have taken this advice, but the first film is perfect, in my opinion (though I honestly didn’t mind the reboot!).

As other Robocop fans may or may not know, Frank Miller did a treatment for Robocop 2 and Robocop 3, but neither were produced. Boom! put out comic adaptations of the original scripts a few years ago, and they were a real treat. Now they’re collecting the whole shebang, along with the original scripts, in Robocop by Frank Miller Omnibus. What better way to celebrate the Robocop that could have been by a Frank Miller who was in his prime?

Check out these preview pages, and bear in mind that its Robocop so its obviously not even remotely safe work work.

The Complete Frank Miller RoboCop Omnibus TP
 BOOM! Studios
Writers: Frank Miller, Steven Grant, Ed Brisson
Artists: Juan Jose Ryp, Korkut Öztekin
Cover Artist: Frank Miller
Price: $39.99

  • The complete collected adaptation of legendary storyteller Frank Miller’s original vision of RoboCop.
  • Included in this omnibus are writer Steven Grant’s (2 Guns) adaptations of the unproduced screenplays for RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3 originally written by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300).
  • Includes selections from Frank Miller’s screenplays, and an original never-before seen RoboCop Frank Miller art piece from his RoboCop 2 screenplay.
  • Bear witness to the wall-to-wall violence, black comedy, science fiction, and neo-noir that never made it to the big screen.

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