Waid’s FLASH runs again! The Pull List: December 7, 2016

It’s the first new comics day in December! I tried to write one of these last week, but it was a fifth week. The end result was just not a lot to write about, though I felt the Batman and Superman annuals were amazing! This week, it seems to be all 90s flavored, as characters I read about in my bedroom in middle school are back in full force, including a trade collection of one of my favorite runs. Here’s the books I think you should pull. Head to the last page for the full run down everything coming out this week, courtesy of Diamond Distributors. What are you going to buy Wednesday? Tell me in the comments below!


(W) Mark Waid, Craig Boldman, Gerard Jones, William Messner-Loebs, Len Strazewski (A) Craig Brasfield, Michael Collins, Carmine Infantino, Paris Cullins, Grant Miehm, Irv Novick, Mike Parobeck, Dan Davis, Dick Giordano, Scott Hanna, John Lowe, Andrew Pepoy, Roy Richardson, Joe Rubinstein (A/CA) Travis Charest, Greg LaRocque, Jos? Marzan

In 1990, Mark Waid’s legendary writing career began when he scripted his first issue of THE FLASH. Waid would continue to work on Wally West for nearly a decade, building a world that would keep the character running for years. In this first volume of a new series, Young Wally West is quickly in danger-not only from The Flash’s enemies, but from powers that he doesn’t know how to control! Collects THE FLASH #62-68, THE FLASH ANNUAL #4-5 and THE FLASH SPECIAL #1.

Months ago this trade was being reported as cancelled, but looks like it managed to find its way back on the schedule. And a damn good thing it did, because this is a no-brainer, must buy. The first volume of Waid penned The Flash includes BORN TO RUN, the updated post-crisis Year One origin of Wally West, an Aquaman team-up and an encounter with Eclipso. This was arguably the peak of Wally West, if not of The Flash. Fans new and old owe it to themselves to read this era.

Next up, an old favorite goes back to a home he can’t remember!

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