Starbound: Universal Exploration

I’m a huge fan of Minecraft. I’ve been playing since the Enderman/Mellon update fiasco, and I have gotten other people interested in it, including my own daughter. I like exploration and creation. I’m salivating on the chance to get ahold of Fallout 4 JUST to build settlements, but that’s another post. This one is about Chucklefish’s Starbound. I found this game after putting …

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Building Worlds and Games

When I began playing table top games, I was always delighted to play in someone else’s world. Be it through a creative DM or a published campaign, I was ready to go trouncing through worlds. When I was asked to DM a group while their regular DM was out, I did what anyone in my position would do: panic. I had nothing to go on, …

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At The Table: Apocalypse World

Role Playing. You either do or do not, there is no middle ground.  I’m not going to try and beat you over the head on why you should game at an open table or why you should find a bunch of strangers and kill things together – in a dramatic fictional kind of way. No, I would never try and …

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