Look What I Possibly Called!!

The following contains spoilers for “Punisher: War Journal” issue #11.

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But Is He Really Gone? *SPOILERS*

WARNING! Beyond the more link are spoilers for Captain America #25. You probably already know, but just in case…. Already read Cap #25 or this article? Well when all is said and done, go check out last nights The Word from The Colbert Report. Hilarious!!

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Is Ralph Dibny Going All Sixth Sense on Us? (52 Spoilers…)

Thanks to the new Newsarama post and fanboy speculation, the new 52 theory of the day is that Ralph Dibney did kill himself in Fifty Two Week One (when Ralph was seen with a gun in his mouth). For those who have missed the past year of DCU continuity, you’re a fucking idiot who needs to go play catch-up. Also, …

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