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‘Batgirl’ gets new creative team, modernized look

Just revealed over on the blog, a new direction and look for comic book mainstay Batgirl. Starting with October’s #35, Brenden Fletcher,¬†Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr take over the popular book and send the “Dominoed Dare-doll” (maybe time to get her a new nick name, DC) in a daring new direction, including a new look.   With her previous …

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Who is the new CAPTAIN AMERICA?

So two months ago, Captain America got robbed of the Super Soldier serum in his blood for like the 4th time this decade, but this time it’s being treated as permanent because comics. On Friday, Marvel rang in Independence Day with the tease of a new bearer of the Captain America mantle to be revealed on Monday.   Who will …

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The Dazzler just got a ’90s redesign in 2014

We could probably do a year’s worth of articles on the many, many looks of Marvel Universe rock star Alison Blaire, also known as the sound-to-light beam blasting mutant Dazzler. She debuted in the 80s as a cross promotional tool, a fabulous disco queen on roller skates with all the trim and trappings of her role. And she’s gone through …

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