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The Flatulent Cow & Meat Potato! | Room Full of Nerd Stuff #11

After a less than stellar Royal Rumble, Chris is hindered by BLIZZAMAGEDDON 2014!! But the podcast rolls on, as the guys talk the Rumble, snow in the south and accidentally create radio personalities. Room Full of Nerd Stuff is a geek-media podcast hosted by Atlanta based writer Christopher Baggett and Oregon based artist Mike Perry. The two are life long …

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Just who (or what) is The All-New Ultimates? (Spoilers!)

In the wake of Cataclysm, the mega-event which is said to reshape the entire Ultimate Universe as Galactus tears his way through Earth, it looks like there’s going to be quite a few shake-ups; namely a new team of Ultimates led by Miles Morales, the All-New Ultimate Spider-Man. “Once again, we’re destroying something and building something new, but there’s an end …

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