The RAW Reactor #030 — R Truth in Flavor Country

R Truth Smoking




Holy shit, R Truth smoking.  Pretty sure that’s illegal indoors in the UK.  That whole thing was very surreal and strange.  On a positive, it could be Raw moving away from the kiddy image. On the other hand, it could be Morrison and Truth feuding over cigarettes, which is almost as ham handed and asinine as Morrison and Sheamus feuding over bullying.

Raw was pre-recorded and in the UK last night, meaning Derek and I had already read spoilers. You might notice we’re kind of up on what’s going on tonight.  If you’ve listened before and wonder why we’re occasionally (usually…) confused as to what’s going on…well, we don’t have any kind of a monitor system set up, and the closed captioning is pretty much shit for Raw, so we usually can’t hear.

The Draft is next week. There’s a brief discussion on this, and the Superstars we want to see go and who we want to see stay, as well as the one big star we think might be ready to go to Smackdown.

Only 20 podcasts until #050! We should probably start making plans for #50 now. So if you have any suggestions what we should do to commemorate 50 Raw Reactors, let us know in the comments.

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