The RAW Reactor #031 — “Hombre, yo era una leyenda en México.”

WWE Superstar Christian




So I’m putting some music on my iPod, and one of the songs is Christian’s theme song, which I really like.  Unfortunately, I can’t find cover art for it.  So I figure I’ll just google for a picture of Christian and put there, and I noticed the craziest thing: there is not a single picture of Christian that doesn’t look like he’s trying to screw you. No, seriously! He’s always winking, or pointing at you, or pointing at himself and pointing at you…the man takes way too many pictures that feel like he’s trying to bang me.  I mention this because it’s funny, but also because we can now rejoice that Christian is pretty much a lock to finally win the World Heavyweight Championship. Huzzah! Moving on to the rest of the night, I don’t feel that “complete waste of time” really describes the way we felt about the Draft.  You’ll notice 20 minutes in when John Cena is initially drafted to Smackdown! that we’re the happiest we’ve ever been.  An hour later when Randy Orton follows, we’re even more excited.  However, much like we initially feared, the draft ends with Cena drafted back to Raw. Really, it makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Drafts do not work that way! Why wouldn’t a wrestler’s name be yanked out of the lottery after they were drafted?  Imagine if the NBA just kept repicking the first draft pick over and over again.  We discuss this a little bit at the end, but mostly we talk about how the Draft ultimately changed…well, not that much. If you’re wondering about the title of the podcast…well, it’s a quote in reference to Sin Cara. You’ll just have to listen to get it.

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