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Steven Seagal Energy Drinks: Eat Thunder and Crap Your Soul!

Whilst wandering Wal-Mart today as I often do when I’m bored (shut up, its a small town!), I happened upon what I thought to be part joke from God, part sign of the Apocolypse. Yes, its Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt Energy Drink, available in two delicious sounding yet ultimatly vague flavors: “Cherry Charge” and “Asian Experience”. Ok, first sign this …

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Big N Recalls Wii’s

Source: Yahoo! News Looks like Nintendo is having to recall a bunch of Wii-mote’s after the wrist straps designed to keep the controller attached to your person started snapping. The beauty of the “flying wii-mote”, said to injure persons, tvs, and fragile glass objects?  Its done by people who are doing the exact opposite of what the Wii-manual (see how …

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