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Boom! fixes everything with Miller ROBOCOP Omnibus

I love┬áRobocop. The first movie is, for my money, the perfect action film: great action, great cast, amazing special effects and, most importantly, it doesn’t overstay its welcome. The rest of the franchise may not have taken this advice, but the first film is perfect, in my opinion (though I honestly didn’t mind the reboot!). As other┬áRobocop fans may or …

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Classic ROBOCOP returns via Boom

Williamson, Magno turn to the classic film's hyper violent world for an original tale.

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DC Animation casts it’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Batman

Batman’s got a long history of voice actors, both high and low profile. You know Kevin Conroy the best from Batman: The Animated Series, or the younger readers may know Diedrach Bader from Batman: The Brave and The Bold, but there’s also been turns by Rino Romano, William Bladwin, and even Adam West got a go back in the 80s. …

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