Welcome To The HomeWorld!

Welcome Back To The Homeworld

Back when I was in sixth grade, I started a little Dragon Ball Z fan page.  It was more of me dicking around with my newfound web design hobby than anything, but within a few monthst he page was growing.  It eventually came to be known as “The Anime Homeworld”, a website dedicated not to bringing as much information about as many things as possible, but instead in delivering the most concentrated content on as many things were available.  The end result was very few actual anime series covered, but the ones that were covered were very in depth.

The Anime Homeworld in that incarnation has been dead since 2004, when it went under hiatus for a redesign and never came back.  To be frank, I burned out.  Having to continually redesign the site to suit its ever growing needs, and the fact that I was constantly entering and re-entering the same content…it will grow on you, fast.

So, here we are now, in 2009.  I give you “The Homeworld”.  We’re expanding beyond anime so that myself and a team of geeks, bloggers and officianados can come in and tell you everything there is to know about everything you care about.  We’re not going to bring you the latest news; but we’re going to digest the news we do bring you so that you get the purest, most distilled content available. This will also be your new home for “The Paladin” series of web novellas, as well as the upcoming conclusion of the web comic “Wiik Sauce”.

If you’re a fan of the old Anime Homeworld, welcome back.  Sorry its been so long, and no, I’m not sure yet if the Anime sections will be returning, but I do still have all that content available to me.  We hope you’ll stick around, leave a few comments, and tell all your friends.  You’re joining us as we enter a bold new era in the history of HomeWorld Productions.

Welcome to the all new HomeWorld.

About Christopher Baggett

Christopher Baggett has owned and operated The HomeWorld independently since 2009 after spinning it off from his previous concept, ‘The Anime Homeworld’. In addition to journalistic endeavors, he is an aspiring novelist. Arizona born military brat Christopher currently resides in the Georgia area.

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