Review: “Transporter 3”

hr_transporter_3_posterStarring: Jason Statham, Natalya Rudakova, Robert Knepper

Director: Olivier Megaton

After a lackluster sequel, Jason Statham returns for a third round as Frank Martin, a retired military man who now operates as a transporter, delivering any cargo to any destination with no question asked…for a fee.  The first film is a bit of a cult favorite, with a dedicated following that hails it as one of the last great action franchises.  And really, could you disagree?  Regardless, 2005’s “Transporter 2” received a less than stellar reception, so we should all be glad we just got a third one, right?

This time around, the cargo is yet again a female, the daughter of a Ukranian ambassador, that Frank has been tricked into delivering.  After declining a previous job, Frank is kidnapped and forced to perform the job’s duties, this time with a metal bracelet around his wrist that will explode if he gets more than 75 feet away from the car.  Its nice to see the movie harken back to its first entry, but really that’s where it ends.  The movie is spent with Frank en route to various destinations while avoiding others who want the girl back, and his own mysterious employer who would just as soon kill Frank before letting his cargo escape.

The movie continues the tradition of the first two, in that the main focus is the spectacular fight sequences.  Jason Statham remains in top form, performing some very amazing stunts.  Sequences such as the film’s climatic train battle are marvels of modern film that simply have to be seen, all thanks to the hands on inclusion of Jason Statham, again performing his own stunts and fights.  Francois Berleand also returns as Inspector Tarconi, in his usual position of assisting Frank while remaining (relucantly) on the sidelines.  The story and plote are still non-existant to very light, but really who watches an action movie for the plot?  Its there just enough to give the characters a reason to move forward and to explain why everyone is where they are.

There’s really not a lot to say about this.  The girl is cute, the driving is good, and the fighting is spectacular.  This is, all in all, a worthy addition to the franchise.  If you like fun action flicks, or if you enjoyed the first entry of this series, be sure to check this one out also.

Final Grade: C

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