REVIEW: Titans/Teen Titans/Vigilante “Deathtrap”

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Let’s face it, the whole “Jericho is evil” storyline is pretty annoying by now.

It started back in the “Decisions” mini-series, where Jericho was seeking out and murdering politicians, then carried over in to the new Titans series, where Jericho was revealed to now be mentally unstable, the voices of everyone he once possessed haunting him. Jericho’s story has now finally come to an end with “Deathtrap“, a crossover between “Teen Titans”, “Titans”, and “Vigilante”.

The story itself seems pretty…well, pointless.  Jericho has already eluded the Titans once, who have reunited in the name of nostalgia justice.  Meanwhile the Teen Titans, who are involved for about 20 seconds of the entire crossover, put in an arbitrary appearance, and Vigilante shows up to want to kill Jericho, only to be convinced by Ravager that he’s worth saving.

The story culminates in an exploding building, a rather ingenious escape attempt by Jericho, and Vigilante finally “saving” Jericho by carving out his eyes.  If the story had just been Vigilante trying to stop Jericho, this would have been a great crossover, but the appearance of the Titans and Teen Titans feels needless and bogs down a story that was already way too long.

In short, “Deathtrap” is quarter bin cannon fodder, with a few interesting moments that just aren’t enough to salvage a storyline trying to juggle too many things at once.

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