WWE Judgement Day 2009 — Results


CM Punk v.s. Umaga

Winner: Umaga
The hometown curse continues as CM Punk loses in his hometown of Chicago. Decent match, though I don’t see the point in having Punk job to Umaga, certainly when he’s holding the Money in the Bank Contract.

*ECW Championship Match*

Christian(c) v.s. Jack Swagger

Winner and still champion: Christian
Really good match. Really dug the ending to this one.

Shelton Benjamin v.s. John Morrison
Excellent match. Morrison had an amazing spot in this match. If he isn’t the “next big thing”, I will be surprised.

*Intercontinental Championship Match*

Rey Mysterio Jr. (c) v.s Chris Jericho

Winner and still champion: Rey Mysterio Jr.
Match of the night, in my opinion. These guys definitely still have it.

*WWE Championship Match*

Randy Orton (c) v.s. Batista

Winner and still champion: Randy Orton
A pretty “meh” match with an incredibly lame ending. Randy Orton slaps the ref to earn the DQ. Yawn.

John Cena v.s. The Big Show

Winner: John Cena
Typical Cena match. He gets his ass kicked throughout, pulls the Superman at the end. Boring match, as expected. This was the “bathroom break” portion of the show.

*WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match*

Edge (c) v.s. Jeff Hardy

Winner and still champion: Edge
Matt Hardy interferes to give Edge the win. A decent little match here, though I was pretty let down that CM Punk didn’t cash in. The fans were wanting it, but apparently the WWE has other plans.

All in all this was a pretty lame throwaway PPV. Nothing of note happened, every match was fairly predictable. I am assuming the next WWE PPV in June (Extreme Rules) will be rematches from this show.

Final Grade: D-

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