“Eminem/The Punisher” Review

"Eminem/The Punisher" One-Shot


Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Colors: Frank D’Armata

Make a list of team-ups/crossovers, and we all know what’s at number one: the infamous “The Punisher Meets Archie” crossover, that was so bizarrely absurd that you couldn’t believe it when it turned out to be good.  XXL Magazine and Marvel recently teamed up for “Eminem/The Punisher“.  The result is…well, hit the jump to find out.

(But before we go, eesh, what is Punisher doing with those guns?  He looks like he’s holding them so daintily…)

The plot is pretty straightforward, and doesn’t warrant more than a paragraph, frankly.  Eminem thinks he is attacked by The Punisher, so he takes him out.  Turns out Punisher was trying to shoot Barracuda, who has been hired to kill Eminem.  Barracuda (who is considerably more intact than he was in his last Punisher appearance) kidnaps Eminem and The Punisher and takes them up north via boat, where we find out Barracuda and Eminem grew up together (!?) and that Barracuda was hired by, go figure, The Parents Music Council.  Barracuda throws Eminem overboard and through a series of bizarre events, the two manage to best Barracuda.

It’s really a ridiculous tale.  The first half was published in XXL Magazine with the second half showing up on Marvel.com as a digital comic.  The story doesn’t have much depth or…well, anything to it.  If you’re a fan of either, tis entertaining enough, but the comic is basically just fanwankery.  The art is very pretty, and its to be expected from Salvador Larroca, but there’s some weird look to Eminem, like his face was lightboxed in every panel.

Also, Is This Gene Hackman?
Also, Is This Gene Hackman?

So, if you’re a fan of this, pick it up.  I can’t say much good about it, but I can’t say much bad about it either.  Its a goofy, silly adventure, and I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of Eminem, but this book is a pretty decent yarn that manages to entertain without overstaying its welcome.  “Eminem/The Punisher” gets a B.

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  1. Gene Hackman lol

    Seriously though, if anyone Ice T needs a gritty comic book crossover. The man earned it way back with New Jack City.

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