Captain America To Be Filmed In London

CAPTAIN AMERICA to be filmed in London.

It was just announced over on the LA Times website that the upcoming Marvel feature film The First Avenger: Captain America is being filmed over in London.

Now, I’m already hearing a few whispers about how it’s somewhat “un-American” and crazy, but two things to bear in mind.

First off, that’s how movies are made.  The majority of films are made overseas, where you can tax breaks and your money goes a lot further.  You still have a large number of major pictures filmed in America, but just as many film in London, New Zealand, etc. for financial purposes.

Secondly, it’s 100% in line with Cap’s origin.  We already know that First Avenger is set during Caps’ World War II days, where Steve Rogers was enlisted to serve as Captain America after receiving the Super Soldier treatment.  Cap notoriously served during World War II overseas, fighting on the front lines amongst the troops, so filming in London is kind of perfect.

Just wanted to dispel that.  I’ve already seen a few people scoff at it, but now that we’re clear, I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to this movie.  Sure, I’ve got my doubts about Chris Evans as Cap, but I loved Joe Johnston’s other period piece, The Rocketeer, and I absolutely love the casting of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull.  The First Avenger: Captain America is shaping up mighty nicely for it’s Summer 2011 release, where it’ll prelude an Avengers movie.

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