New Xbox 360 Controller Unveiled!

I’m really not a huge fan of the current Xbox 360 controller.  The design, which has existed since the console’s birth and, let’s face it, since the Xbox 1, in some way, shape or form.  The disc shaped d pad has provided a number of issues for large thumbed gamers like myself, especially when trying to pull off special moves in fighters; Ryu’s Hadoken does not like the Xbox controller.

But, we’re in luck.  Today, they released a new control pad design.

New Xbox 360 Controller

The new pad features a multi-function d-pad, which can function either as the traditional disc, or the more Dragon Uppercut friendly plus style d-pad.  There’s also improved thumbstick grips, and a new color scheme.  Of course, there are a couple of crucial flaws: it doesn’t appear to be coming out in black yet, so it won’t match that sexy new Xbox 360 model they just released, and it’s only available as part of a $65 bundle with a play and charge kit.  Guess they’re not making enough off of the newly jacked up Xbox Live prices

With that in mind, I’d still much rather get a new controller for current gen consoles like my much loved and near death Phoenix Revolution controller for my PS2.

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