Why Johnny Storm Is Going To Die In “3”

A member of the Fantastic Four will die in 3A member of the Fantastic Four is slated to die very, very soon in Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting’s “3” storyline which concludes next month, the aftermath of which is now being actively teased by Marvel Comics.  This isn’t anything new to the team; Reed Richards famously died in the mid-80’s (he got better), and team members have gone on sabbaticals previously and been replaced by substitute members, most famously She-Hulk replacing The Thing after Marvel’s Secret Wars event.

The only question now is “who will die”?  Well, I’ve done some research, and I think I’ve solved this mystery.

Right now, Reed Richards is off with Galactus, who is pissed because he found the dead body of a future Galactus and is showing concern for Reed’s son.  Sue Richards has traveled to Atlantis to help Namor with peace talks; they’ve since gone terribly awry.  Ben Grimm has taken an experimental serum with no known side effects that has yet to be tested, but has turned him human.  And Johnny Storm?

Johnny Storm is eating a sandwich.
Johnny Storm is eating a sandwich.

Yes, while the rest of his teammates have been placed in a situation where they’re about to die, Johnny Storm is eating sandwiches and driving Ben Grimm to booty calls.  It’s pretty much a case of misdirection; we’re so busy thinking about everyone else that we’ve forgotten that Johnny isn’t actually in danger right now, so we won’t see his death coming.  This is all pretty much speculation, mind you, but I’m fairly certain that Johnny Storm is about to bite the green burrito of death.

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