REVIEW: Days Missing: Kestus #5 (of 5)

Days Missing: Kestus #5
Days Missing: Kestus #5

StoryDecember 5, 2008”; “The First Fold, Conclusion

Writer Phil Hester, Trevor Roth (“The First Fold, Conclusion”)

Art David Marquez

Colors Digikore

Letters Troy Peteri

Cover Dale Keown

Editor Paul Morrissey

Rating: ★★★★★


With a single kiss, the world of Days Missing is suddenly and violently reborn. Such a simple notion brings a powerful conclusion to the tale of The Steward and his former enemy, Kestus.

The flashback saga of The Steweard and Kestus has been a roller coaster of emotion and drama, as the two have met throughout history, their lives tangled and weaving in and out of each other. For our finale we visit, interestingly enough, the Large Hadron Collider, and Doctor Kate Prosper, whom The Steward interacted with back in Days Missing, Vol. 1 #3. This time we learn that Kestus is also part of the project; however, all is not as it seems.

There are some truly gorgeous, romantic elements to the story, including the ultimate fate of Kestus herself. It’s a truly beautiful send off for a character we were just getting to know. It’s something once again aided by the more linear aspect of the series, as we see Kestus growing more trusting and yet all the more confused by the moment. We see a bit more of the action oriented side of The Steward, and if the end is any indication we’ll see more of that in the future. And while the science fiction elements are less prevalent in this issue, their effect still shines through.

Ultimately, the book concludes setting us up for what is sure to be a highly anticipated third volume (Or perhaps…be still my beating heart…a very, very much deserved on-going series?), as The Steward is confronted by the man who has erased the record of the days which are missing from humanity’s history.

This is a powerful book; a romantic blend of science and historical fiction that enthralls as much as it entertains. Whether it’s the primary story or the excellent back-up tale “The First Fold”, Kestus manages to hold the reader with every turn of the page, and refuses to let go. With a compelling story and powerful imagery, Days Missing: Kestus easily exceeds the original Days Missing, and is the must-read book of this year so far.

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