Post-“Flashpoint” DC Announced, Renumbers Entire Universe


FLASHPOINT will reboot an entire universe, and establish new costumes.


Update We’ve learned that the image above, which originally ran in the print edition of The New York Times, is not the full image; the full one also includes Batman and The Flash, with The Flash having a slightly redesigned cowl that extends to cover his chin. We’ll update with the full image once it’s available.

We knew Flashpoint was going to make a few changes in the DC Universe but, Jesus Christ, this is a bit insane. ┬áThe publisher has announced the ENTIRE DC Universe will be renumbered with brand new #1’s starting this August. The first changes begin August 31st, when DC releases only 2 comics: the final Flashpoint issue, and a brand new #1 issue of Justice League of America, with new creative team Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

Additionally, more than 50 characters will be receiving costume updates and redesigns, and DC will begin to release all titles digitally day and date with their physical releases, the first major publisher to do so.

It’s genuinely like DC has just stopped giving a shit. The past few years have been spent ensuring that no legacy characters exist, and now they’re rebooting an entire universe; something the world shattering Crisis on Infinite Earths didn’t even do over 2 decades ago. I’m honest a bit put off by this. What’s the point in having a favorite character and investing yourself in their back story if DC is hellbent on rebooting and doing away with that history every 5 to 10 years?

I won’t deny that several of these titles need work and aren’t doing as well as they should, but the tried and true reboot and relaunch tactic just isn’t the way to go anymore; this tactic has been done for years, and recently has been supplemented by resuming the original numbering after a dozen or so issues. The only thing worse than this reboot and renumbering ploy is the fact that it works; new #1 issues sell like hotcakes. But the numbers continue to dwindle, even after the #1 comes out, so clearly a new tactic is needed. What DC has now isn’t a solution, it’s a marketing frenzy that serves as a stopgap solution. What needs to be done are quality stories, not gimmicky sales tactics.

It’s unknown what changes beyond costumes and numbering will continue in to the DC Universe following Flashpoint, or if every title will continue into a new #1 (it’s fair to assume that several will be cancelled). We’ll update as soon as we hear more.

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