I really enjoyed watching the controlled chaos that was the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight, and will probably never forget sitting in my friend’s computer shop at 2AM when I received a call from Jim Gordon (he was a little pissed at me for giving out insider information on Arkham). It was a great way to stir up support for the film, and was exciting for all who participated in it.

We’ve been expecting something similar to occur for The Dark Knight Rises, which has now officially begun filming, and it looks like we may have gotten our wish. The official site, went live recently, but now it’s merely a black page with what appears to be chanting in the background. No clue what they’re saying, but given that the story seems to include Lazarus Pits and the such, I’m sure it’s somehow connected to that. ¬†We’ll update more in the future as soon as we know something.

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