There’s Now A THUNDERCATS Trailer…

I wasn’t too impressed with the initial still shots of the upcoming Thundercats revamp, but now that there’s a trailer out (which debuted at Wondercon) I have to say I’m looking forward to the series far more than I was before.

EMBED-THUNDERCATS 2011 trailer – Watch more free videos

The series doesn’t seem to imply the Thundercats will be stranded on a new Earth as they were in the original series, but are instead members of a noble race which has been overtaken by foretold ancient spirits of evil. ┬áMuch like the previous He-Man and the Masters of the Universe revamp Cartoon Network took on, Thundercats looks to have no qualms about putting it’s Saturday morning cartoon roots behind it, instead placing familiar, beloved characters in an epic tale. The action and animation look gorgeous, and the voice acting even feels familiar. In short, the trailer hints that this is everything we could hope it to be: a familiar property upgraded for a new generation.

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