“Wonder Woman” Fails To Be Picked Up As Pilot

Hey everyone,

I know. Site’s dead. But if it’s any consolation, so am I. Allergy season has been really, really bad this year.  But as I’m attempting to wrestle myself back (and yeah, I’m working on something special to come up once I’m feeling better), I thought I’d break the silence to let you all know that the Wonder Woman pilot was not picked up by NBC.  A crying shame; the pilot reportedly had a lot of flaws, but there was some cool sounding stuff in there, and I was eager to see how Palicki did as Wonder Woman.

The pilot could possibly find it’s way floating around on the Internet, legally or illegally, over the next few months.  We’ll let you know if it shows up legally; you’re on your own otherwise.

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  1. I’m both happy AND sad about his news. I’m happy in the sense that some of the elements in the show sounded dreadful and down right bizarre. I’m sad though because no one wants to see a comic book property fail… Well not unless you’re one of us.

    It’s a gorram shame. Perhaps though they will reboot the idea with Christina Hendricks! That’d be freaking sweet!

  2. Still think this would make a better movie than a TV Show… I gotta agree with Matthew, not too sad it didn’t get picked up cause I sounds a little bloated and weird anyway… Tho I want to see the pilot still… The idea of her playing a double role just sounds confusing and unnecessary..

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