On The Cover: Green Arrow #2

It really shouldn’t surprise me at this point when I see a shitty Green Arrow cover, yet here we are again.

It’s not Ollie; we already saw Ollie on the other cover. It’s not Roy; Roy has red hair, and he’s with Red Hood & the Outlaws. Which leaves only one possible solution.

Oh, Connor Hawke. What have they done to you this time?

Green Arrow #2
Cover to Green Arrow #2

For those unfamiliar with the character, Connor Hawke is the son of Oliver Queen and Moonday “Sandra” Hawke, and took on the mantle of Green Arrow after Ollie’s death in Green Arrow (Vol. 2) #101, where he earned a large fan devotion and often teamed up with Wally West/Flash III and Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern II. Connor would continue as Green Arrow II even after Ollie’s death, though shortly after Ollie’s marriage he was shot by an assassin and nearly died. When he was finally saved, he began to demonstrate advanced healing powers and fighting prowess, but his memories were fragmented and his archery abilities did not return. He was last seen in Blackest Night, acting notably out of character, and has not resurfaced since.

It should be noted that Ollie’s other protege, Mia Dearden, hasn’t been seen post-reboot, and in fact hasn’t appeared in continuity since the Fall of Green Arrow/Rise of Arsenal event.  Dearden, the second Speedy, has a large fan following and is notable as one of comics few HIV-positive characters.

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