On The Cover: Flash #1 (Variant)

Yesterday, among the flurry of reveals of DCnU spoilers, teasers, and general “buy our books!” sales tactics, we got a sneak peek at some really cool things. We also got a first look at the variant cover to the upcoming The Flash #1, kicking off Volume #I-Don’t-Really-Know-Anymore-They-Reboot-The-Flash-Every-12-Issues-Now. And I really feel that it’s this cover that highlights a lot of what I don’t like about DCnU.

The Flash #1 Variant
The Flash #1 (Variant by Ivan Reis and Tim Townsend)

Now, hear me out, because you’re going to want to write this off as me being a whiny fanboy, but I feel through all this I’ve proved I’m not. Here we go: I really, really hate this weird, Power Rangers-esque costume sequence they’ve got going for The Flash now.

No! Stop! I made you promise to hear me out.

Since the introduction of Barry Allen in the Silver Age, one thing has always been cool about The Flash: despite the bizarre, supernatural nature of his powers, it was always grounded in reality. Barry’s ring was never a magical, unheard of device that just pooped out costumes when he needed one. It was his own creation, based on the same concept as inflatable rubber rafts.  Now, globs of red fabric-like goo seem to pop out of his ring, which somehow expands to become his chest emblem.


I don’t ask this because “Oh man, it’s different, now it sucks”. I ask this because what is the point of this change? What depth does this possibly add to the character? It looks cool? That’s not good enough. It’s more visually interesting? I found the old costume sequences way more exciting than running through strips of red cloth.

I’m trying to keep an open mind about the DC reboot, relaunch, whatever, but things like this make it really hard to believe the creators have the best interest of our favorite characters in mind.

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