SPIDER-MAN’s Green Goblin — Oh, What Could Have Been

I don’t expect you guys to remember this, but yeah, we existed in 2001-ish when Sam Raimi was shooting Spider-Man, and actually covered it fairly extensively, or at least as extensively as I could cover a film at 17 years old with limited Internet access (and dial-up, to boot!). Those pages sadly don’t exist, but we were pretty malicious about a lot of the early info of a film that turned out to stand on it’s own pretty well, but there was one thing we never quite warmed up to: Mighty Morphin’ Power Goblin.

Don’t get us wrong, Willem Dafoe was AMAZING as GG, and while the suit may have looked ridiculous, it did fit the tone of the film pretty well and was an enjoyable performance. But unfortunately, today is the day that Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. released an old piece of test footage of the Green Goblin. If you want to be disappointed and cry about how awesome the GG could have been, the video is below.

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