“Let’s Do A Head Count.” New AVENGERS Trailer!

Check out that snappy dialogue between Tony and Loki. Joss Whedon clearly had a hand in this film.

Yes, it’s a new trailer for The Avengers. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this movie is happening. The sheer scale of it is mind boggling. This time around, it’s the international TV spot, which features some more footage and Tony’s Avengers role call during a confrontation of Loki.

Interesting that Tony’s the primary feature of this trailer and, if footage from the other trailers is any indication, may very well be the biggest part about the film itself too. Whedon did previously state that every character does get at least one big hero moment, though.

With that in mind, this is still a Whedon project so, while we’re looking forward to it, leave your thoughts in the comments on who will invariably be dead by film’s end.

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