The Final DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer Hits The Web

It’s likely you already know this as I’m posting it fairly late, but yeah, the final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the final piece of Christopher Nolan’s decidedly epic Dark Knight Trilogy hit the web last night after a brief viral game.

It’s a damn fine trailer, and gets me very excited for this, but it’s still overshadowed by the sheer scale of The Avengers.

The Dark Knight Rises lands in theaters July 20, and the trailer above will be playing in front of The Avengers. Enjoy this one while you can; with Rises concluding the trilogy, Warner Bros. has already mentioned it plans to reboot the Batman franchise a third time, this time bringing it in line with the upcoming Man of Steel (which may be getting it’s first trailer in front of Rises, but that’s unconfirmed at this point), aiming to do their own Justice League movie in the near future.

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