AuRrGh!! w/ Mike & Chris, Episode 6: Dammit Saban, Or Why MMPR 20 Is Going To Suck

AuRrGh!! #6

One hour of Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger talk just wasn’t enough, so here we are with a super sized two hour edition! We run down the details of the upcoming 20th anniversary special, who may or may not be coming back, list our 10 choices for Rangers we’d like to see come back, and the topic of favorite Ranger uniform comes up. There’s a few surprises as to what we agree and disagree on, but ultimately it’s just a morphenomonally fun time!

‘AuRrGh!!’ is the perpetually grumpy podcast with a simple tagline: “Everything is shit, and we don’t know why!” Mike and Chris have been creating various forms of web entertainment for years, and like to take existing ideas that failed and try to make them cool again. Join the two on a nostalgia fueled trip through pop culture, as we discuss the finest forms of geekmedia available.

Mike draws No Dice Comics and Squared Circle! You can also follow Mike on Twitter!

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About Christopher Baggett

Christopher Baggett has owned and operated The HomeWorld independently since 2009 after spinning it off from his previous concept, ‘The Anime Homeworld’. In addition to journalistic endeavors, he is an aspiring novelist. Arizona born military brat Christopher currently resides in the Georgia area.

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