The DC Reboot: “Teen Titans”, “Legion” Announced

Four days in to the DC Reboot, and we may have gotten our worst costumes yet.

Teen Titans #1 seems to be where Tim Drake has gone to stay as Red Robin, on a team which consists of Superboy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl (who is billed here as a “belligerent powerhouse thief”!) and two others who I don’t recognize, but seem to have fallen out of an early 90s Image comic. This looks horrible. Superboy’s costume ditches the simplicity and common sense of jeans and a t-shirt, and he looks like he should be villain #3 in the latest Streets of Rage game. Kid Flash, who DC has since stated is Bart Allen, has a costume that is way too busy, with far too many cluttered up elements. Tim’s costume looks alright for anyone except Tim. I dig that he’s back in the domino mask, but the wings? Really? Wonder Girl looks alright too, but unless the bit about her being a thief is a nod to her originally stealing mystical items from Wonder Woman, that’s a weird plot thread. Scott Lobdell writes the book, while Brett Booth and Norm Ramund illustrate.

Former Teen Titan Static finally gets his own on-going in Static Shock #1, co-written by John Rozum and Scott McDaniel; McDaniel also illustrates alongside Jonathan Glapion. The costume here doesn’t actually look too bad, but the “DC Making History” logo in the background makes me chuckle for some reason. The book sounds like a flat out reboot for the character.

Moving on, the Legion were announced today too as getting two books. Fabian Nicieza and Pete Woods are doing Legion Lost #1, the story of seven members of the Legion of Super-Heroes who are trapped on present day Earth. For those of you looking for a more classic experience, Paul Levitz continues to write Legion of Super-Heroes #1, as the Legion in the 31st Century reels from the loss of 7 recruits. Francis Portela handles art chores.

Wrapping up the first wave of announcements is what many would argue is a long overdue on-going, Hawk and Dove #1, written by Sterling Gates and drawn by….Rob Liefeld?!

We’re now at 40 out of 52 titles announced; again, 42 if you include the not yet official Superman and Action Comics (both of which will probably be announced in the final wave, with a few huge surprises). Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Nathan Edmondson of Who Is Jake Ellis? fame will be writing Grifter #1, which follows the popular WildC.A.T.S. mercenary, and will likely tie in to the previously announced Voodoo on-going.  You can read about the other releases hereherehere, and here.Any speculation on what the remaining 10 titles are?

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