The State of The HomeWorld

Let me begin by apologizing profusely.

Back at the end of July, I mentioned I was moving, and that site updates would halt. We managed to squeeze a few out but, ultimately, with moving, work and school, I’ve just been getting my ass handed to me left and right. The site should have been updated more often, but I just haven’t had it in me.

The podcast met a similar fate: Cesar and I both moved at the same time, and both changed jobs; the current state of the Raw Reactor is in limbo. We don’t know when it’s coming back; we do know we’re discussing changing up the format a bit to make it easier both on us and you.

As for Danny & Scooter, well…we still love it. But again, we’re busy, busy, busy. Gavin’s busy with a play and work right now. Hopefully, sometime in the near to immediate future, we’ll bring that beast back.

When will the site be back to full capacity? I’m not sure. I’m sorry guys, but I’m only one man and, aside from a handful of once in a blue moon guest writers, I’m the only one here. Believe me, I’d love a team of staff writers who could help me right now, but in this day and age you don’t become a staff writer for a website, you just start your own.

Rest assured, we are not dead. Something, somehow, will happen, in the near future. I’ll keep trying to churn out something. Leave your comments here about how grateful you are for that, or call me a half assed lazy slacker who smells bad and dresses funny. Whichever you’d prefer. But know that we are working on getting back ASAP, and we hope to see you all in the very near future.

About Christopher Baggett

Christopher Baggett has owned and operated The HomeWorld independently since 2009 after spinning it off from his previous concept, ‘The Anime Homeworld’. In addition to journalistic endeavors, he is an aspiring novelist. Arizona born military brat Christopher currently resides in the Georgia area.

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  1. I have a staff of writers. Maybe you should just start writing for me instead.

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