UPDATED Wrestling: Former Superstar Arrested For “Doctor Shopping”

Tough Enough Winner MAVEN Was Arrested Monday Morning For A Pharmaceuticals Scam

Update 4/11/12 The WWE has issued a statement confirming that Maven will be taking advantage of the company’s “Former Talent Rehab Program”. The program was established to aid former superstars, paying for bouts in rehab or medical treatment for addictions.

Original story follows.


Former WWE Superstar and Tough Enough winner Maven Huffman was arrested Monday in Florida after it was uncovered he had been “doctor shopping”…attempting to get multiple prescriptions for strong painkillers without informing doctors of the additional prescriptions. Huffman is believed to have also used multiple pharmacies to have the prescriptions filled in an effort to conceal the activity.

All in all, Huffman may have obtained over 1000 pills. Doctor shopping, a felony in the state of Florida, carries with it a sentence of up to five years.

Maven performed in the WWE from 2001-2005 after winning the first season of Tough Enough and famously eliminated The Undertaker during the 2002 Royal Rumble. Though Maven did make it to the upper card, going as far as to even have world title matches against Triple H, he only got so far as becoming a three time Hardcore Champion before being released in July 2005. Maven has since appeared on the independent circuit, as well as a host on the Home Shopping Network.

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