Boom!’s ‘Joyride’ is a rare, fun space adventure

If you could escape, would you? The answer is unequivocally yes according to Joyride, the Boom! Studios space adventure from Jackson Lanzing and Collin P. Kelly (Hacktivist, Batman & Robin: Eternal).

Set in a future where Earth is run by a totalitarian government and shielded by a metal wall, Joyride follows Uma Akkolyte, a wild child free spirit and her best friend, Dewydd Abderizai. The two hatch a plan to escape their overbearing life on Earth and flee in an alien spaceship to explore the galaxy. Joining them on the journey is military officer with a secret past, a wandering alien with a mean streak and a robot that’s part of a living ship.

There’s a sense of adventure through the first volume, which collects the four issue first series. Throughout the journey into weirder and weirder environments, there’s a fleshed out universe that these characters occupy. Marcus To handles the art chores here, and it’s truly gorgeous. The worlds are alien and bizarre. Characters are expressive, and the sense of style is unique. The characters are undeniably human, with human needs and motivations. It’s in the prevalent humanity that Joyride shines. There’s no heavy handed discussion over whether or not they should leave, at least not right away. The book opens with Uma and Dewydd on their way off the planet.  Even when heavier plot elements rear their head, the book’s sense of wonder and fun is front and center.

It’s not often we get a fun space story anymore. Everyone wants to make the next great space opera, but every so often it’s nice to just have an adventure. I found myself deeply invested in the story and characters, and I’m excited for more. Boom! recently announced the series was picked up as an on-going, so you can pick up Joyride Vol. 1 as well as #5 on Wednesday, September 21. 

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